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AI-powered compliance tools for identifying and mitigating risk.
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Reduction in supply chain
screening time
Increase in downstream supplier
risk identification & mitigation
Reduction in Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) case processing
Forced LabourForced Labour
How it works
Financial Compliance
With the increased burden of compliance on financial institutions, having a tool like BITE has helped us understand trade-based money laundering and second tier threats. Its not only efficient, it’s easy to use.
Harmonised Tarriff Codes
Zaid Schwartz
Financial Investigations Director

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Provide access to real-time compliance and screening tools for your entire team at any locatin in the world, and manage their usage from one platfrm
Freight forwarders using AI for efficient logistics management

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Our platform is split up into 12 individual modules. Several of them are free to use, while others are purchased with no fixed contract. This allows you to customize your workspace no matter the industry you serve.

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Custom brokers utilizing advanced compliance tools
Ensuring global and trade compliance in supply chain operations
Enhanced due diligence in supply chain risk management

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Empower your teammates by equipping them with the knowledge and training necessary to confidently perform their duties. Our in-house education platform hosts a variety of trainings ranging from industry practices to platform protocols.

AI-driven supply chain platform for real-time analytics

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BITE offers flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to budget bites and hello to transparent, scalable pricing that fits your business.

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Tracking transshipment activities for compliance and efficiency

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Using harmonized tariff codes for international trade
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Using harmonized tariff codes for international trade
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Using harmonized tariff codes for international trade
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